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hover over member name in posts and links shows member details inside jqueryui tooltip

if you hover over a member name in a post or a link anywhere on zoidweb, a jqueryui tooltip will show up with member details. if you are logged into an account with the ADMIN flag or if you are viewing your own account, the tooltip will include private data like email address, ip address of last login, and stats like how many links and posts have been made from the account. this feature gracefully degrades to a normal link to the member's detail page if javascript is not available.

behind the scenes, some javascript runs that looks for all "A" tags with the class "tooltip". it then uses the value of the "data-contenturl" attribute of the A tag to populate the tooltip via jquery. in the original code that was the basis for this feature, the "rel" attribute of the "A" tag was overloaded to contain the content URL which breaks validation at least and likely does nothing for accessibility. note that the tooltip is populated at the time of page load, not every time you hover.